New Client Questionnaire

All requests for new service must be received in writing via the form below. Please understand that we do not take phone calls from potential clients because every day we are out servicing our clients, caring for their pets in their homes, from morning until bedtime. This is a small but busy business. Pet care is our priority and it effects the timeliness of our arrival to pet care visits if we stop to take calls and field questions while pet sitting or are in between visits. We will respond to you via email after pet sits are done for the day or during an extended break.

If you are interested in becoming a new Paw Sitter client, please fill out this information to give us an idea of your needs so we can determine if we can fit you into our current client base and schedule. This must be filled out prior to our initial consultation. This is just preliminary information; you will fill out more in-depth information in our scheduling system once you officially become a client and visits are scheduled.

Please note our service area, listed above near our logo.

Current Status: Limited
We are currently accepting clients on a very limited basis and cannot accept new clients for Holiday periods (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day etc). We will let you know asap if we can help.