Most of my clients initially contact me for one of two reasons:

  1. their pet no longer physically and/or emotionally tolerates being boarded outside its home, or
  2. they were using a friend or family member, and that person is now becoming less available, or was not taking the job seriously.

With a professional pet sitter, your pet(s) can stay home and little will change in their routine while being cared for 365 days per year including holidays. Another thing to think about if using a friend or neighbor is: are they prepared for all the situations that may occur? What if:

  • insured pet sitteryour friend or family member accidentally breaks or damages some of your property while in your home, or loses your keys?
  • your dog gets loose and bites someone or is bit by a neighbor’s dog?
  • your pet is accidentally injured, lost or even killed while in someone elses care?

This is all covered by pet sitters insurance, and you can read more about the insurance we carry.

First, we need to confirm that we can assist you given your location, pets, and dates of service needed. Then we will schedule a free initial consultation at your home to answer all each other’s questions, get keys, and let the sitter and your pets get to know each other.

Then you’ll schedule your visits online (usually 3 visits per day for dogs, which we space out appropriately, or once a day for cats). I’ll send you an invoice, which needs to be paid before you leave – online or by leaving payment for the sitter to pick up. We will update you daily on how your pets are doing with emailed journals and photos.

You will return to happy pets in a looked after home, and we will keep your keys on file for the next time you need us!  For more information, read the Steps to Becoming a Paw Sitter Client page.

pet first aidI was previously employed as Assistant to the Directors at the Humane Society of Greater Akron. While there, I answered phones, dispatched abuse calls to the humane officers and processed adoptions in addition to other office tasks. Prior to being employed there, I had volunteered at the shelter and named the cat room “Purr Town.”

At that time I did have a few pet sitting clients, but did not run a full-fledged pet sitting business until starting Go Fetch Pet Sitting in 2011. In 2012, the company was renamed and organized as The Paw Sitter LLC. At that time I became insured, Pet CPR certified, and took continuing education courses in pet sitting.

adopt a dogI’ve worked as a freelance writer specializing in pet health topics. I wrote for Pets Best Insurance and had my own pets column for Cuyahoga Falls and Stow Patch that I called The Local Leash.

In 2013 I began fostering dogs and cats for Paws & Prayers Rescue of Cuyahoga Falls.

My pets are my family and I do all I can to make sure they are happy and healthy. This means my pantry is stocked full with pet vitamins, herbs and treats, they are fed high-quality food, and I always order blood work and research alternative methods when they are sick.

Absolutely! I know what it’s like to try to find a pet sitter that will feed special diets. I’m raw-friendly and will feed your pet WHATEVER it eats.
NTara's dogs and catso. Not as long as I have time to give every pet all it needs during my visit. For example, if you have 5 dogs you would probably need the “Pampered” hour long visit, but would be fine with the 15-minute “Bare Bones” visit or a cat or two. Pets that need a lot of attention (play or cuddle time) or medicines will need at least the standard half-hour visit. In most cases, the half-hour visit is best. The clan pictured here gets the hour long visit, obviously!
Yes, I’m experienced in pilling, giving sub-q fluids, and administering puffs via mask for asthma and bronchial issues. I’m also certified in Pet CPR from the Red Cross.
Your home is your private haven and I respect that. I am a private person, and that was something that was important for me to emphasize when I started my business.

The Paw Sitter LLC is the perfect sized pet sitting business. The owner does most visits herself, but also keeps 2 or 3 carefully selected, insured, bonded and criminally background checked backup sitters on hand to help regularly. This assures that your pets will usually be cared by the same couple pet sitters, but there is reliable backup if needed in case of emergencies. If you use an individual, you run the risk of being cancelled on if something comes up in their life, or they might send someone with little experience. If you use a larger company, you may not know who your pet sitter might be from their long roster of part-timers.

No other adults, children or pets will enter your home or have access to it.