Cat schools dog on tricks

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I’d like to introduce you to two of my own pets, Rena (the mutt) and Rupert (the buff cat). When this video was taken, I had adopted Rena about a year earlier. She was about 7. We had been trying to teach her to sit or shake paw or do ANYTHING for months and months and were getting nowhere. So …

insured pet sitter

Why Pet Sitters Insurance is Important

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Professional pet sitters might cost a little more than using a neighbor or relative, but there’s a few legitimate reasons why. One of the most important is that a reputable pet sitter will purchase liability insurance because we are human, your pets are animals, and things can and will happen. Here’s one possibility, as told to me by a former …

Google Allows Dog Fighting App on Android Market

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I know I have been slacker lately, but a new development has me outraged enough to bring me out of blogger retirement. By now you have probably heard about the dog fighting app developed by a company called Kage Games LLC. The Dog Wars “game” (an insulting term, given the subject matter) is available at Google’s android market, and we …