Steps to Becoming a Paw Sitter Client

New Client Questionnaire

If you have read over our Rates & Services, Reviews and FAQs and have decided you’d like to become a client, the first step is to fill out the New Client Questionnaire Form.

All requests for new service must be received in writing via the New Client Questionnaire. Please understand that we do not take phone calls from potential clients because every day we are out servicing our clients, caring for their pets in their homes from morning to bedtime. This is a small but busy business, we are out proving pet care in the field 7 days a week including holidays. Pet care is our priority and it effects the timeliness of our job if we stop to take calls and field questions while pet sitting or in between visits. We will respond to you via email after pet sits are done for the day or during an extended break.

The New Client Questionnaire form will give me a little info on your needs to make sure we can accommodate you. I will contact you ASAP to let you know. Please be aware that during certain busy times throughout the year, we accept new clients on a very limited basis to ensure we can provide the best service to our current clients.

Current Status: Limited
We are currently accepting clients on a very limited basis and cannot accept new clients for Holiday periods (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day etc). We will let you know asap if we can help.

Initial Consultation

Once we have determined we can accommodate your pet sitting or dog walking needs, we will schedule your free initial consultation. I will come to your home to meet you and your pets. You can show me where all your pets’ supplies are and any other instructions I may need. I will pick up keys at the meeting as well, so please have them ready.

It is important that The Paw Sitter retains two keys or entry methods for your home to ensure we have a backup. This could be two copies of one key, two keys to different doors, one key plus a garage code, or entry codes to two doors. If you only have one key ready at the Initial Consultation I will be happy to make a copy for our use. All keys are kept without any identifying information on them; secure and locked when not in use.

Create Your Online Scheduling Account

Before or after our initial consultation, I will invite you to set up your account in our secure scheduling system. The scheduling system is where you will put all the info we need to care for your pets, request pet sits or dog walks, cancel or reschedule visits, communicate with us and view your invoices. Please add to your Safe Senders list or address book to white list the address to assure you’ll receive all our emails.

We access this system on our phones at each visit to view pet care and feeding instructions, etc. We send a visit journal following each visit, letting you know how your pets are doing and what we did during the visit, sometimes with pictures. These journals are sent via email throughout the day. 

Payment & Visits

After you request your visits, I will review them and accept them usually within 24 hours. A few days before your visits begin, I will create and send your invoice via email. Once the invoice has been created, it is also viewable in your online account.

Payment is due when pet care begins. You may pay online before you leave or leave payment for us to pick up at our first visit. Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Cards.

We will keep your keys secure until the next time you need us. You are now a current client, so any time you need visits, just go online to request them!